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Electric Aggregation Program


The township’s voter-approved electricity aggregation program has been operating since May 2017. In this opt-out program, the township buys electricity at a group price to obtain more competitive prices for residents. Those in the program for the last two years have saved an average of $138.

After soliciting multiple suppliers, Anderson Township’s electricity broker, Energy Alliances, has locked in a new rate of  $.07145/kWh and $0.07511/kWh for 100 percent renewal energy, through the May 2025 meter read. While the new rate is higher than the previous three-year contract rate, electricity prices have risen during this time period.

As a price to compare, Duke's rate, beginning in June 2023, will be $0.1017/kWh.

The program’s current three-year term expires in June 2023 with new rates reflected in the July 2023 electric bill.

More than 11,000 Anderson households are enrolled in the electricity aggregation program, and property owners always have the option to opt out of the program and choose their own supplier. Anderson Township does not receive any revenue from this program. Information about the aggregation program, or opting out, will be provided on the mailed renewal notice. offers a free website that helps you compare prices on energy suppliers. Click HERE to learn more about energy choice options