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Anderson Center


The financial heartbeat of Anderson Township is found in its fiscal office.

This office consists of elected Fiscal Officer Brian Johnson and two staff members. Brian Johnson was appointed in August 2023 to fill Ken Dietz position since his retirement.  Mr. Johnson is the only person running for Fiscal Officer in the November election.  Budget, payroll, quarterly and yearly reports, pension and all issues related to township finance are handled in the fiscal office.

The main source of revenue for Anderson Township is property taxes. Anderson Township government receives just over 16 cents of each property tax dollar paid. This money funds:police and fire protection, road maintenance and snow removal, public works, planning/zoning and special events, capital improvements, all other township operating functions.

One source of township revenue comes through the TIF (Tax Increment Financing) program. The Anderson Township TIF program allows the township to collect taxes on parcels that were considered ripe for development. Anderson receives funds for capital improvements on all the taxes collected on the increases in value of those properties.


Participants are appointed by the Board. Some committees have term limits. Concerns range from bettering the township’s transportation system to encouraging local economic development. The seven committees that operate on a regular basis include: Betterment and Beautification Committee, Board of Zoning Appeals, Economic Development Committee, Greenspace Committee, Street Tree Committee, Transportation Advisory Committee, Zoning Commission.

Other citizen committees meet for specific functions or terms and focus on a single project, such as the Beechmont Corridor Task Force and the Comprehensive Plan Steering Committee. To learn more about volunteering on a committee, contact Steve Sievers at 513-688-8400 or