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Greenspace Advisory Committee

Anderson Township has taken the lead in Ohio in acquiring and protecting Greenspace through the implementation of a Greenspace levy. While the levy expired in 2000 and no longer generates revenue, it provided funds for the purchase of hundreds of acres of property. Greenspace parcels are scattered throughout the township and are designated by Greenspace signs.

As Ohio’s first Greenspace Township, the community has protected over 780 acres of property that by law will remain in a natural state. Anderson residents enjoy enhanced natural surroundings, better air and water quality through the benefits of the community’s green areas.


Ronald Edgerton, Chairman

Paul Braasch

Rick Voss

Russ Romme

Lexi Lausten, Trustee Liaison

Brian Johnson, Fiscal Officer

Staff Contact: Suzanne Clingman at (513) 688-8400 Ext. 1190, email