Community Child Safe I.D. Program

Finger scanner

The Community Child Safe I.D. Program is a computerized system that utilizes a digital photo and "livescan" laser fingerprint scanner to capture all 10 fingerprints. The system takes a digital photograph of the child, their 10 fingerprints and prints that out on a large brochure stock-type paper along with the child's personal information.

Once the information is printed out, the child's information is located in 3 areas on the printout.

  • Top left and right - wallet cards for both parents (To include the child's photo, personal info, thumbprint)
  • On the back of the wallet card is information for the parent to utilize in the event their child becomes missing.
  • On the bottom portion of the printout is the larger section that has the child's large digital photo, personal info, and 10 fingerprints. (On the back of the large portion are child safety tips for parents for their children at home, school, play, etc.).

Fingerprint scanningDuring this, we process the child's information onto a computer disc that parents can take home with them along with the printout. Parents can make copies of the disc and give them out to relatives or keep one in their vehicle in case of an emergency.

The information on the disc is not accessible at home, but law enforcement can access the disc information upon presentation and enter it in an AFIS System (Automated Fingerprint Identification System).

The information can also be attached to e-mail systems and can be passed on to Amber Alert Systems for quick information dissemination.

Fingerprint on LaptopThe program is free of charge and is an excellent way for parents to keep information available on their children.

For more information, contact Deputy Brian D. Hayes  (Crime Prevention Officer) at or (513) 688-8400, Ext. 1191.