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Heritage Center / Arboretum

In January 2021, The Heritage Center property was designated as an Arboretum. An Arboretum by ArbNet’s definition is a museum of woody plants which is curated in a database and updated on some kind of cycle every few years with age, size and condition of the plants. 

Level I Accreditation was awarded by the ArbNet Arboretum Accreditation Program and the Morton Arboretum on December 15, 2020. 

This Level I accreditation was awarded for achieving particular standards of professional practices deemed important for arboreta at this level. To see the new Heritage Center Arboretum listing visit the Morton Register of Arboreta database at

Here is a link with descriptions and locations of all trees at the Arboretum:

Click here for the Heritage Center Arboretum Master Plan