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The Anderson Township Senior Center has been owned and operated by Anderson Township since 2016.  Serving a population of those 50 and older, the center provides a wide range of activities and programming for its members. 


Welcome Back Anderson Township Senior Center Members,

The following guidelines for the Anderson Township Senior Center have been developed to comply with the Ohio Department of Health Director’s Order dated June 2, 2021.   These guidelines supersede the Anderson Township Senior Center Re-Opening Plan dated October 22, 2020.   The guidelines presented will be evaluated and updated should the Director issue further orders. 

1.       Hand sanitizer stations will remain throughout the facility for staff and member usage.  Everyone is encouraged to wash                  their hands frequently.

2.       Staff will continue sanitizing tables.

3.       Use of prepackaged condiment packets will continue.

4.       Staff will maintain a daily log of members entering the facility.

5.       Trips are allowed provided transportation is available and the venue is open for groups.

6.       Staff and members are required to notify staff if they have symptoms or contract COVID-19. 

7.       Staff and members should stay home if they are ill or if they contract COVID-19 even if asymptomatic.

8.       Members who utilize Cincinnati Area Senior Services (“CASS”) for transportation must follow their protocols.

9.       Members are responsible for themselves and are required to follow these guidelines for the health and safety of all                        members.

Dated: 06/04/2021

As we look through the world with a new lens we can change and grow together to make a stronger community.  We look forward to seeing you!

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