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Anderson Township Betterment Commission

In preparation for Anderson Township’s Bicentennial in 1993, the Anderson Township Bicentennial Commission, a 501-c-3 non-profit organization, was established to help oversee and manage the more than a year-long celebration. Following these activities the trade name for the group was modified to the Anderson Township Betterment Commission (ATBC) and today, nearly 20 years later, the five member board that is appointed by the Board of Township Trustees continues to work on community enhancement efforts.

The GATBC’s Mission is to promote efforts to enhance the quality of life for Anderson Township residents and visitors, business owners, and institutions, by providing support to community organizations, events, and other activities. The GATBC serves as a catalyst to facilitate community projects. Projects in which the ATBC has or continues to be involved include the Clark Stone House improvements, Anderson Independence Day Parade, Anderson Farmers’ Market, the Frederick O. Kiel Memorial Buckeye Grove, and the Anderson Township Veteran’s Memorial.

The ATBC continues to seek projects and organizations that need assistance and whose project is consistent with the Board’s mission. The assistance offered by the ATBC to another organization or event shall be focused on support and financial oversight, and in consideration of such, the respective organization or event sponsors shall demonstrate the following to the satisfaction of the ATBC:

  1. Compliance with the ATBC mission and contribution to the Quality of Life in Anderson Township.
  2. Demonstration of financial soundness and the ability to build and maintain a fund balance.
  3. Self sufficiency, in that an organizational structure and personnel or volunteers effectively manage its respective affairs.
  4. Provision for reporting and management responsibilities that meet the expectations of the ATBC Board or its Executive Director.
  5. Demonstration of compliance under the Commission’s 501-c-3 tax status.



Ronald Edgerton, President

Amy Broghamer

Katie McCabe

Christy Cauley

Dee Stone, Trustee

Staff Contact: Steve Sievers, Executive Director, at (513) 688-8400 Ext 1178, email: