Anderson Tomorrow: Comprehensive Plan Future Land Use Map Meeting
Anderson Township is in the process of updating the Township’s Comprehensive Plan.  As part of this update, we also revisit the Township’s Future Land Use Map, which is a depiction of potential future land uses. With this update, Township staff has recommended changing the future land use category of several properties in the Township. It is important to note this is not a change to Zoning, which is a Township Resolution or law that determines allowed uses. Rather, the Future Land Use designation is a recommendation of a possible use of property in the future, if the property owner, decided to sell the land or chose to develop it into something besides the existing use.
Following up on the “Let’s Get Together” Open House and online survey held on August 30, 2021, we invite you to attend a meeting on November 15th at 5:30PM at Anderson Center. This meeting is an opportunity to provide suggestions and discuss any potential changes to the Future Land Use Map. The meeting will begin at 5:30PM with a formal presentation by Township Staff; following the presentation staff will be available to discuss individual property questions.
Click Here for the video explaining the Future Land Use Map.

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Should you have any questions or comments regarding the 2021 Comprehensive Plan Update, or your specific property please feel free to contact P.J. Ginty at (513) 688-8606 or

In this video you will see the past 5 years of accomplishments and it's now time to help think about the future of Anderson.

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