High recycling rate earns Anderson Township a county award

When it comes to using those red and green recycling bins, Anderson residents have no problem sorting their trash and recycling each week.

This effort paid off in an award for the township recently, as Anderson achieved the highest recycling rate of any township in Hamilton County with a 14.97 percent recycling rate. The township received the Best Township Recycling Rate Award from the Hamilton County Recycling and Solid Waste District, based on recycling practices during 2014. 

Like many townships, Anderson Township residents subscribe individually for curbside recycling, which usually results in a low participation in curbside recycling, noted Michelle Balz, assistant solid waste manager of the Hamilton County Recycling and Solid Waste District. However, what’s unique in Anderson is that nearly 60 percent of residents subscribe for curbside recycling (one of the highest subscription rates in the county), she said.

Another reason Anderson achieves a higher recycling rate than most townships is the presence of the largest recycling drop off in Hamilton County, with 27 containers picked up three times per week. This recently remodeled recycling center is located behind the Beechmont Fire Station, 7954 Beechmont Ave.

Anderson also wraps up its recycling campaign each year at its drop off recycling center by providing a 30-yard container utilized for additional recycling from wrapping paper and other holiday recyclable trash.