View & Comment on Plans for Future Ohio River Trail Extension

Preliminary planning maps and documents to extend the multi-use Ohio River Trail along Kellogg Road and U.S. 52.

The first section, from the Anderson Township border at Sutton Road to Five Mile Road, was completed in 2011. The city of Cincinnati has scheduled construction of a segment of the trail from Salem Road to Sutton Road for next year.

Anderson’s proposed 4.3 mile extension to the trail, between Five Mile Road and the Clermont County border, seeks to create a safer pathway for pedestrians and cyclists along this route.

The scenic multi-purpose trail is envisioned to travel along the Ohio River from downtown Cincinnati, east through Anderson, into Pierce Township and end in New Richmond.

You are invited to comment on the proposed Trail, prior to or at the hearing.  Letters should be addressed to Thomas Caruso, Planner I, Anderson Township, 7850 Five Mile Road, Anderson Township Ohio, 45230 or e-mail   Any other questions please contact (513) 688-8400

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