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A Big Cleanup: Anderson Lake Dredging Begins

Beginning the week of June 21st, Anderson Lake at Anderson Center on Five Mile Road will be dredged to restore the original capacity of the lake.

The dredging process will take four to five months to eliminate buildup of sediment accumulated in the last 14 years. Over time, township officials estimate the lake has lost nearly 25 percent of its holding capacity.

Mark Magna, facilities manager, said the lake serves an important role in the township’s stormwater control efforts.

During the cleaning process, lake access will be restricted and the road between Anderson Center and Anderson Center Station will be closed.  Outdoor events at the center will also be suspended, but this will also coincide with planned construction at Anderson Center Station for the Vantage at Anderson development. Disruptions will only occur for one season,  said Steve Sievers, assistant administrator for operations.

Built in 2007, Anderson Center Lake was designed to mitigate downstream flooding and overflows of sanitary sewage into Clough Creek. Magna noted the lake handles a 1,000-acre watershed and has become an intricate part of the stormwater system in Anderson Township. 

Much neighborhood and business development upstream of the lake was built prior to stormwater detention requirements. As such, it is a holding area for thousands of gallons of water during storm events. The lake fills up, then  slowly recedes to a pool effect as water slowly drains into a stream that ultimately leads to Clough Creek.

Since it was built, this structure has a had a dramatic impact on downstream flooding and has mitigated water issues with private property through the Sherwood Forest area and along Paddison and Berkshire roads.

“When Anderson Center was built, the trustees and staff made a commitment to make this site a visual and social centerpiece for the township, while also being sensitive to nature,” said Trustee Andrew Pappas. “Anderson Lake and its role in controlling, and cleaning stormwater was a key part of that effort, addressing a number of issues in the Clough Watershed,” he added. 

The dredging work is planned to conclude in the fall.