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Anderson Township Biannual Curb and Sidewalk Construction Begins

Anderson Township's 2024 curb and sidewalk repair program is in full swing. The first step, saw cutting of curbs is underway or will soon begin on select streets.

The process will take two to three weeks. Residents can expect minimal disruption during this time and “No Parking” signs will be posted 24 hours in advance.

The major construction activity associated with the curb project is projected to start in April and continue through summer, during the removal and installation process. On-street parking modifications again will be in place with this next phase of work (for a longer period of time).

Streets that are part of this year’s curb and sidewalk replacement program include those below. Anderson Township utilizes a biannual curb and paving program. The pavement along the new curb on these streets will be patched with asphalt and the township plans to resurface these roadways in 2025. Street trees will also be offered to property owners along these streets later this year. 

Ackley Road

Anderson Manor Ct.

Ashgrove Drive

Bennettwoods Court

Berrypatch Drive

Brandonhill Court

Butlersbridge Court

Cedarville Ct.

Concordgreen Drive

Copperglow Court

Crotty Court

Eaglesknoll Court

Eastdale Drive

Elderwood Drive

Endovalley Drive

Foxhollow Drive

Grenoble Court

Gwendolyn Drive

Hampton Place Lane

Heart Court

Helston Court

Kentucky View Drive

Kilkenny Drive

Knightsbridge Drive

Lawyers Point Drive

Meadowcreek Drive

Nitram Court

Oak Hollow Court

Pastoral Lane

Pineterrace Drive

Plazaview Court

Ravenscrest Court

Redmaple Drive

Regis Court

Sacred Heart Lane

Shoreham Court

Signal Hill Lane

Skytop Lane

Spicewood Lane

Stoneleigh Lane

Stratton Drive

Timbercreek Drive

Turnberry Drive

Wallingford Drive

Windhill Terrace

Direct questions to the Anderson Township Public Works Department at 513.688.8400, ext. 4, or