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Senior Center Parking Change

In 2012, Anderson Township undertook security and safety upgrades on our Operations Center campus at 7954 Beechmont Avenue. These security enhancements combined with the Township taking over management and operation of the Senior Center in 2016 resulted in the need for additional parking. That need led us into a partnership with Forestville Baptist Church on Nagel Road and we were fortunate to enter into a parking agreement that provided additional parking for members and visitors to the Anderson Township Senior Center.

Our partnership with the Church granted the Township access to approximately 80 spaces and allowed overflow parking on the Senior Center property for Church functions, provided the Township make periodic improvements to the Church’s parking lot, as well as constructing a sidewalk between the parking properties. The initial 3-year agreement was then renewed on 3 occasions through June 2024, with the Township spending approximately $80,000 for the use of these spaces.  

Moving forward, the Church expressed interest in a long-term parking agreement but only if the Township resurfaces the Church’s parking lot, which requires a significant public investment of more than $140,000. Earlier this week, the Township offered to split the cost with each party paying $70,000. However, this morning, the Church turned down our offer insisting that taxpayers fund $100,000 of their project. Effective July 1st, the Township is prohibited from using the Forestville Baptist Church parking lot. The Township will post signs notifying Senior Center members and visitors of this restriction. Please note that Forestville Baptist Church has designated its parking lot as a “Private Tow-Away Zone” therefore, the Church can tow unauthorized vehicles.

We recognize the immediate impact will be an inconvenience to Center members. However, the Township is embarking on a major upgrade to the Operations Center site in the coming year, which will include additional on-site parking for the Senior Center. We appreciate your patience and understanding in the interim as we work to implement this long-term vision.

We are thankful for the partnership with Forestville Baptist Church over the past 12-years, but that appreciation is tempered by our disappointment in this latest turn of events. We hope that you will join us in looking forward to the upcoming improvements to Township-owned property.