Please Keep Creeks and Drains Clear

It’s been a very wet winter so far.  A key part of minimizing flooding and ensuring that storm sewers function property entails keeping debris and yard waste from creeks, streams and ditches, which play an important role in moving water.

Brush and yard waste is not encouraged to be used to stabilize bank and creek erosion with yard waste.  This approach actually has the reverse effect, for as yard waste gets wet, it decomposes, becomes very heavy, and causes an additional burden on existing soil. When this occurs it becomes lose it then migrates downstream to plug creeks and storm sewer system.

Yard waste is picked up curb side by waste haulers serving the Township (check with them to ensure materials are packaged appropriately).  In addition, a free yard waste recycling center is open for county residents weekdays during the winter, from 7:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. weekdays, at Bzak Landscaping, 3295 Turpin Lane (off Ohio 32).