New Bike Repair Station on Ohio River Trail Assists Riders in Need

Whoops-your bike tire is looking kind of low there! No need to worry if you are riding along the Ohio River Trail on Kellogg Avenue, though. Anderson Township recently installed a bike repair station to assist you in your hour of need.

Now stationed in one convenient location the new bike repair (or “bike-fix-it”) station will provide a stand to hold your bike, along with the tools essential for basic bicycle maintenance, including a tire pump and repair devices. The tools (hex key set, tire levers, Philips’s head/standard screwdrivers, headset/pedal wrenches, etc.) are secured to the stand via retractable steel cables so they don’t get lost and also for ease of use.

The repair station grew out of an idea generated by the township’s volunteer WeTHRIVE! Anderson Committee. It was installed this spring at the Ohio River Trailhead across from Belterra Park Cincinnati.  Anderson Township funded a portion of the project, with Tri-State Trails also contributing funding.

“We partnered with Tri-State Trails to install the new repair station in Anderson’s Entertainment District, as we anticipate increased ridership on the Ohio River Trail after the Salem Avenue to Sutton Road segment is completed later this summer,” noted Planner Brad Bowers.

“Coordinated planning efforts have led to more than 20 miles of dedicated bike lanes and shared-use trail facilities along the Ohio River, stretching from New Richmond to Downtown Cincinnati with completion of the new link this summer. The bike repair station will complement this extensive buildout of the Ohio River Trail network,” Bowers said.

The repair station joins another repair unit that is located near the Little Miami Golf Center, maintained by Great Parks of Hamilton County.