Anderson’s Domain Name Now Changed to

Anderson Township is now sporting a new domain name for its web address, currently operating as

Like many local governments current relying on “.com” “.org” or “.us” addresses, Anderson Township and government agencies are being encouraged by the federal government to move to a “.gov” address to eliminate confusion and to promote cybersecurity.

The new web domain is for the official township government website.

“We’ve found over the years that many internet users are confused about which web address is the official government site for Anderson Township,” said Administrator Vicky Earhart. Government officials have noted that while federal and state government agencies often use the .gov domain, local jurisdictions do not widely use it. 

“Using the ‘.gov’ address will alleviate user confusion and designate our official website, which eliminates ‘spoofing’ from bad actors and cyber criminals. Moving to will stop that sort of impersonation that leads to confusion for our residents and other users.”

Legislation passed in 2020 provided federal assistance to government agencies to initiate the change through the DotGov Program.

“The .gov URL is a trusted signal to users that a site is legitimate and can be relied on for official information,” Earhart said.