Anderson Township Recycling Center Changes

Anderson’s faithful recyclers know that community enthusiasm for recycling sometimes “spills over” at the 24/7 Anderson Township Recycling Center on Beechmont Avenue.  To solve the problem, and following similar success with recycling bins in other areas, Rumpke will soon trade out the old recycling bins for new ones. One set of bins will be marked “Cardboard Only.” Only flattened cardboard will be able to fit into the bin opening. 

Other bins, which are single stream recycling containers, have smaller openings which will help control what is placed in the bins.  The use of these bins has been extremely helpful at addressing similar situations in other communities. 

To make sure everyone’s recycling efforts count, it is important that only those items accepted in Rumpke’s recycling program are placed in community drop boxes. Placing items in the bins that are not accepted in the program can prevent the contents of the container from being recycled. 

Please note the approved uses for each bin are listed on the outside of the containers. Place items in the recycling containers loose, not inside of a plastic bag. Plastic bags hinder the recycling equipment and contaminate the recycled materials.  Therefore, they aren’t accepted in Rumpke’s recycling program. If residents transport material to the community drop box in a plastic bag, users should empty the bag’s contents into the container and discard the bag. 

Please don’t place material outside of the community drop boxes. Material placed outside of container cause hazards and may not be collected. 

This almost 20-year service is a taxpayer funded amenity supplemented by recycling funds from Hamilton County. Today, Anderson operates the largest recycling facility in southwest Ohio, collecting more than 362 tons of material each year.