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Virtual Open House – Lawyer Road / Little Dry Run Road Sidewalk Project

Welcome to the Virtual Open House for the Lawyer Road / Little Dry Run Sidewalk Project! Over the past year, Anderson Township has been working on construction plans for a new sidewalk on Little Dry Run Road and Lawyer Road.  This project would connect the existing walk that ends near the intersection of Wolfangel Road and Little Dry Run to a new crosswalk on Lawyer Road at Concordgreen Drive.  The project also includes a new sidewalk on Lawyer Road from Lawyer’s Pointe Drive to Turnkey Court to better connect residents to the Five Mile Trail.  

We’ve coordinated with Hamilton County Engineer’s Office on this project and in order to achieve the appropriate site distance for pedestrians crossing at the Concordgreen intersection, roadway improvements are needed to slightly lower Lawyer Road just north of this intersection, so pedestrians crossing can see southbound vehicles on Lawyer Road better. This will be completed as part of Hamilton County’s re-paving project on Lawyer Road this year.  At this time, we anticipate the roadway work to occur in November, with the repaving, and sidewalk construction to begin as early as March 2022.  As with any Anderson Trails project, the cost and ultimate maintenance of the sidewalk would be the Township’s responsibility.  

To complete your participation in the Virtual Open House, we ask that you please contact Brad Bowers in the Planning & Zoning Department at or 688-8603, by September 20, 2021, with any questions or comments that you have.

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