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Anderson Township Roadway Treatment to start October 8

Starting Friday, October 8th, the following streets will be receiving a road rejuvenator application. Reclamite is a petroleum emulsion product that extends the life of asphalt pavement at a cost-effective price. It rejuvenates road surfaces and has been found to prolong pavement life as much as six years. One advantage of the product is that it minimizes disruption, meaning you and your neighbors can drive on the roads quickly.   The attached notice is what residents will receive.  More information can be found on their website  Asphalt Rejuvenator Sealer - Reclamite® (

Stonehouse Lane
Eglington Ct.
Blackthorn Drive
Dunview Ct.
Heatherglen Dr.
Asbury Hills Dr. West
Shawnee Trace Ct.
Indian Trace Ct.
Turpin Hills Drive
Ropes Drive
Court Ropes Lane
Lengwood Drive
Saddleback Drive
Shadowslope Lane
Crittenden Drive
King Louis
Turpin Woods Ct.
Turpin Valley Lane
Turpin Knoll Ct.
Watch Point Drive
Lilbur Lane
Spyglass Ridge Drive
Watchcove Ct.
Watch Hill Lane
Farmbrook Drive
Old Orchard Road
Old Orchard Ct.
Whipoorwill Drive
Buttonwood Ct.
Dunwoodie Drive
Wildflower Trail
Heathgate Road
Bayswater Place
Altadena Road
Susanview Lane
Cedar Point Drive
Cedar Crest Lane
Cedar Knolls Ct.
Wanninger Lane

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