Removal of Structures - 7833 YMCA Road

The Board of Township Trustees of Anderson Township passed Resolution No. 21-1105-04 (“Resolution”) on November 5, 2021 (a copy is available at or by contacting the Township Administrator at 513-688-8400), declaring its intention to remove the trailer, garage and gazebo (“Structures”) from land owned of record by Clair Murphy, married (collectively with the Estate of Clair A. Murphy, the other heirs of Clair A. Murphy, and Anita Murphy, the “Owner”), located at 7833 YMCA Road, Anderson Township, Ohio 45244 (Hamilton County Auditor’s Tax Parcel ID No. 500-0171-0027-00) (“Property”) pursuant to Ohio Revised Code Section 505.86 (“Statute”).  This legal notice constitutes notice of the Board’s intention to provide for removal of the Structures on the Property, which have been condemned by Hamilton County Public Health (“HCPH”) and deemed by HCPH to be in a condition dangerous to life or health and unfit for human habitation, through use of Township employees, materials or equipment, or by a contract or contracts for labor, materials, or equipment, as shall be determined by the Township Administrator.           

The Owner and lienholders of record may request a hearing with respect to this matter by submitting a written request for a hearing to Anderson Township’s Fiscal Officer at 7850 Five Mile Road, Anderson Township, OH 45230 within 20 days of the date of the mailing of this Legal Notice and otherwise in accordance with the Statute.  The hearing date shall be within 15 days, but not earlier than 7 days, after the party in interest has requested a hearing, unless otherwise agreed to by the Board and said party in interest. 

The Board shall make an order deciding the matter not later than 30 days after the hearing, if a hearing is requested in writing in a timely manner, or not later than 30 days after mailing notice to the parties in interest if no party in interest requested a hearing.  At any time a party in interest may consent to an order.  If the Board issues an order directing the removal of the Structures which is not further appealed as provided in the Statute, then unless the Structures have been completely removed, or unless the Owner or a holder of a legal or equitable lien of record upon the Property shall have entered into an agreement with the Board to perform removal of the Structures, the Township Administrator shall proceed to provide for the removal of the Structures and the "total cost" of such removal shall be collected by the Fiscal Officer in accordance with the Statute and paragraph (F)(1) thereof. 

Kenneth G. Dietz, Fiscal Officer, Anderson Township, OH                                                                                                                           November 9, 2021

If you have any questions please contact Vicky Earhart, Township Administrator at 513-688-8400 Ext 1104 or email

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