Check Safety as You Operate Your Pool This Summer

Anderson Township Fire and Rescue has created a pool owner’s checklist for safety. Make sure you have these items in place as the troops arrive for a refreshing swim: 

Rescue Equipment:

·       Throw-rope

·       Non-telescopic Reach Pole (12’ with shepherd’s crook)

·       Flotation device with attached rope (30’-60’)


·       Must separate pool area from public/common area

·       At least 4 foot high with vertical supports that cannot be climbed and less than 4 inches apart

·       Self-closing and self-latching gate

·       Remove objects near fence that would allow fence to be climbed.


Chief Rick Martin of Anderson Township Fire and Rescue recommends  pools with diving boards have a depth of at least 8 feet in the diving area. Pool depth needs to be vividly marked on the pool deck or wall. Make sure your ladders/steps at each end of the pool are in good repair and verify the water level is within 3-4 inches of the top of the pool to assist climbing out of the pool. 

“It is important to post safety rules in visible areas for children and adults to review,” he notes. It is also important to include the name and address of the pool location in large print in a conspicuous place- not everyone knows the address of the pool location, he said. Safety considerations should be posted conspicuously on the slide. Also, he reminds residents to lock up pool chemicals and mechanical/electrical items in a secure area and always require responsible supervision on site. 

Additional, Martin recommends the use of pool alarms and door sensors. Pool alarms are immersed in the pool to detect waves from a child that would fall in and they emit an alarm if there is activity. Door sensors monitor doors to pool areas that set off alarms unless an adult utilizes a bypass button when going through the door, Martin said.