Rambling Hills Drive Sidewalk Proposal

Anderson Township has been working with the Kleingers Group, on construction plans for a new sidewalk on Rambling Hills Drive.  This project would connect sidewalks on Beechmont Avenue to the existing walk that ends on Topaz Drive. 

The project is being pursued by the Township in an effort to improve pedestrian safety in the area.  It is an alternative to a portion of the Paddison Road sidewalk that was originally intended to extend to link Beechmont Avenue to Bluecrest Drive. That project was modified to terminate at Woodridge Drive due to property owner concerns and the inability to secure the required easements.  We feel the Rambling Hills project would add a parallel pedestrian connection in this area.

Earlier this year, Anderson Township hosted a Virtual Public Open House for property owners’ review and comment on the preliminary sidewalk plans at that time.  Based on the information that was received, Anderson Township and the Kleingers Group developed a slightly modified sidewalk alignment. 

One of the key focal points of this effort has been to identify an alignment for a continuous sidewalk, rather than utilizing a combination of sidewalks and a striped pedestrian lane (which would eliminate on street parking in some areas).

We invite the input from nearby property owners as we have done throughout this project.  Copies of the full plan set, or plan summary sheet with traffic notes, may be found below.

We thank you for your interest and consideration with this key Anderson Trails project, and again we invite your input to Steve Sievers, at ssievers@AndersonTownshipOH.gov, or 513-688-8604.

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