Wolfangel & Clough Sidewalk

Anderson Township has been working with Choice One Engineering on survey and preliminary design to construct a sidewalk on the west side of Wolfangel, from the proposed Cross Creek subdivision (south of Towerview Lane) to Clough Pike, and on the east side of Wolfangel from Clough Pike to Delas Cove.  Additionally, a segment of sidewalk on the north side of Clough Pike, from Wolfangel Road to Clough Chase, is being studied. 

The Township has made tremendous strides to improve pedestrian safety in the township and has continued to expand the existing sidewalk and trails network.  Nearly all these improvements have been along heavily travelled, higher speed Hamilton County roadways such as Wolfangel Road or Clough Pike.  The preliminary plans have been prepared and may be viewed by clicking below.   These plans are currently being reviewed by the Township and Hamilton County Engineer’s Office.  

If you have any feedback on this proposal please contact Paul Drury, Anderson Township’s Planning & Zoning Director,  pdrury@AndersonTownshipOH.gov,  or 513-688-8602.  We will keep you updated of our efforts over the coming months.

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