Seizures of Cocaine Up, Fentanyl Down in 2022, RENU Stats Show

Statistics released from the dedicated narcotics enforcement unit in the Hamilton County Sheriff’s Office show that last year, cocaine made a comeback, while seizure of the powerful drug fentanyl dropped compared to 2021. In 2022, cocaine seizure came in at 60 pounds, compared to 9 pounds from 2021.

Information recently was released by the Regional Enforcement Narcotics Unit (RENU) detailing their yearly efforts to reduce illegal drugs on the street. Lt. Matt Guy, RENU commander with the organized crime section and former District 5 commander in Anderson, said methamphetamine seizures last year “remain significant and the largest increase in seizure was in cocaine seizures.” Eighty-five pounds of methamphetamine and 701 pounds of marijuana were seized, along with $977,616 in drug assets.

No heroin was seized in 2022, he noted. “We are not seeing heroin. We are seeing fentanyl in its place.”

“Methamphetamine is still very prevalent in our area and marijuana is consistent, as always,” he added.

For the past decade, Anderson Township has funded an officer on the RENU squad through Anderson’s contract with the Hamilton County Sheriff’s Office.

RENU officers investigate criminal organizations and persons who traffic controlled substances, as well assisting local, state and federal law enforcement agencies when requested.


RENU Drug and Forfeiture totals for 2022

Cocaine                                  60.5267 pounds

Fentanyl                                 12.97 pounds

Marijuana                            701.01 pounds

Methamphetamine                305.72 pounds

Psilocybin Mushrooms         1,574 grams

Seized Assets                         $977,616