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Students Discover Life in the ‘Olden Days’

Students Discover Life in the ‘Olden Days’ Through History to Schools Program 

What did telephones look like 50 years ago? How did students from pioneer days learn in the classroom? And who was Richard Clough Anderson?

These and other questions are sure to be a part of the lively topics of discussions of second and third graders during their annual visit to Anderson Center for the History to Schools program.

Forest Hills School District students along with third graders from Immaculate Heart of Mary School, explore local history, the natural world and civics at this collaborative all-day experience.

Participating instructors come from Anderson Township staff, the Anderson Township Historical Society, Hamilton County Sheriff’s Office, and the Village of Newtown. The event is scheduled each year for late April and early May.

During the day, students view emergency response vehicles, learn how to safely ride a bicycle, visit wetlands around Anderson Lake while looking for critters, discuss land use and mapping, and discover pioneer ways in the Anderson Township History Room at Anderson Center. At the end of the day, they take home a seedling in honor of Arbor Day.