PUBLIC NOTICE Little Miami Scenic Trail (LMST) Extension to Elstun Road Project (PID 113602)

Anderson Township, in cooperation with the Ohio Department of Transportation (ODOT) proposes to extend the Little Miami Scenic Trail (LMST) from the existing terminus at the SR-125/SR 32 interchange eastward to the intersection of SR 125/Beechmont Avenue and Elstun Road. The proposed project includes construction of approximately 2,400 feet of 10-foot wide shared-use path beginning at the LMST Beechmont Bridge Connection project (PID 107295), which is currently under construction at the east end of the Beechmont Levee (SR 32/SR 125). 

To facilitate construction, the Beechmont Bridge Connection Trail will be temporarily closed as the two trails are connected. The closure is anticipated to take approximately one to two weeks. The Beechmont Bridge Connection trail will remain open on weekends throughout the construction period. As part of the construction, a portion of the bike railing at the intersection of the two trails will be removed and replaced to accommodate the new intersection, there will be minor impacts to grading, and a drainage structure will be constructed. Wayfinding signage will be installed at the intersection of the two trails as well. Approximately 0.09 acres of permanent right-of-way will be acquired from the Beechmont Bridge Connection trail for this project.

The Beechmont Bridge Connection trail is a recognized recreational property and is provided protection from adverse impacts associated with federal-aid transportation projects.

Anderson Township consulted with Great Parks of Hamilton County (maintainer of the Beechmont Bridge Connection trail) and the City of Cincinnati (owner of the trail property) in regard to project impacts and received concurrence that the project will not adversely affect the recreational activities, features or attributes that qualify the property for protection. The following measures to minimize harm are being implemented as part of the project:

  • Access to the LMST Beechmont Bridge Connection will be restricted for a period of time that is anticipated to last no longer than two weeks and will not be for the duration of construction. The trail will remain open on the weekends throughout construction.
  • Temporary construction fencing shall be installed, as necessary, along proposed construction limits prior to the start of construction activities to protect the Section 4(f) property and the public;
  • Appropriate signage shall be installed to alert users of the LMST Beechmont Bridge Connector trail of construction activities, access restrictions or closures, and to direct users to secondary access points;
  • The contractor shall closely coordinate the construction schedule with ODOT, Anderson Township, and Great Parks of Hamilton County prior to the start of construction activities.

Due to the permanent acquisition of land from the Beechmont Bridge Connection trail, Anderson Township is seeking public input regarding the proposed impacts. Please provide comments to:

Steve Sievers, Administrator for Operations

Anderson Township

7850  Five Mile Road

Anderson Township, Ohio 45230  


Comments must be received by August 29, 2022