NOTE: Temporary Five Mile & Clough Traffic Signal Changes

On March 11, 2024, Clough Pike closed east of Five Mile Road for a landslide repair.

With this closure, the Hamilton County Engineer’s Office has temporarily modified the timing of the Five Mile and Clough Pike traffic signal.  Both Five Mile and Clough traffic will flow continuously as both have a green light.

However, when Five Mile Trail users activate the pedestrian crossing button, the light will cycle to yellow then red for ALL TRAFFIC.  A reminder: There is NO RIGHT TURN ON RED permitted from Clough to Five Mile.

Motorists, the light will ONLY CHANGE TO RED WHEN PEDESTRIANS ARE PRESENT.  It’s even more important to look out for pedestrians and bicycles at this key crossing, and not to turn on red.

Five Mile Trail users, be sure to push the button to activate the traffic signal change.  Cross only when traffic is stopped.  Finally, another temporary change to note, U Turns will NOT BE PERMITTED on Five Mile at Clough Pike.  

Let’s keep this intersection safe!  Construction is scheduled to be completed around May 11.  For more information on the project visit