Volunteer for Anderson Township’s Committees

The time is now to volunteer for Anderson Township’s committees which support efforts in beautification, economic development, transportation issues and more.

The following committees are appointed by township trustees for a specific purpose and have a one-year term:

• Betterment and Beautification Committee–works to improve the visual appearance of the township through the development and maintenance of township-owned landscaped areas, gateways, and
• major roadways
• Economic Development Committee–reviews the township’s economic development strategy and makes recommendations to trustees on policy or project decisions regarding the township’s business environment
• Street Tree Committee–promotes and manages healthy, safe, and appropriate trees along streets and on public grounds or roadways and makes recommendations to the township’s tree planting program
• Greater Anderson Township Betterment Committee-non-profit organization working behind the scenes to facilitate community-wide improvements and projects
• Transportation Advisory Committee – provides recommendations on transportation matters and projects to trustees and assists with implementation of the Anderson Trails plan
• New this year is the Anderson Township Senior Center Advisory Committee. Currently in the formation stage, this committee will help ensure the Senior Center continues to foster a creative and intellectually stimulating environment that enhances the lives of Anderson seniors.

These two committees operate on a five-year term, with one year alternates:

• Zoning Commission–hears cases that involve modifying the Anderson Township Zoning Map or the Anderson Township Zoning Resolution
• Board of Zoning Appeals–reviews appeals to the township’s Zoning Resolution, as well as other development related applications

To be considered for a committee appointment, send a letter of interest to “Committees,” Anderson Township, Anderson Center, 7850 Five Mile Road, Anderson Township, OH 45230 or Steve Sievers at ssievers@AndersonTownship.org