Public Hearing with Board of Trustees for Sub. Modification on Wolfangel Road

Notice is hereby given that a public meeting will be held by the Anderson Township Board of Township Trustees on Thursday, May 19, 2022 in Anderson Center, 7850 Five Mile Road, Anderson Township, Ohio 45230, at 5:30 P.M. 

The purpose of this meeting is for a public hearing for a Substantial Modification request in Case 1-2022 Anderson, for the property located at 1949 Wolfangel Road (Book 500, Page 214, Parcels 26 and 10) filed by Douglas Smith, P.E, P.S of MSP Design, on behalf of Beaver Creek Interests, LLC, applicant and Our Lady of Mercy Hospital of Mariemont, property owner, zoned “C-CUP” Single Family Residence Community Unit Plan. 

The applicant is requesting the modification to Trustee Resolution 22-0317-01 to modify conditions three (3) and eight (8). 

3.      That the existing woods to remain designation on lots 17-35 be expanded to preserve any large significant trees and that the trees on lots 13-16 be surveyed for trees where no vegetation is proposed to be planted, and that additional trees be supplemented to provide a buffer.   

8.   That the landscaping plan submitted with the Final Development Plan include an increase in size of evergreens to 8’ - 9’ tall, include a mixture of trees including Tulip Poplar and American Basswood, and that the plan notes the ANSI 3000 standards for landscaping and tree planting. 

Please contact the Anderson Township Planning and Zoning Department at 513-688-8400 or for additional information.   Sarah E. Donovan, AICP, Planner II  

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