KnoxBox Program Targets Home Emergency Entrance

When first responders respond to an emergency call from a township resident, immediate home access is important to address the emergency. 

If a 9-1-1 caller is immobilized and cannot answer the door, gaining access by breaking down a door or breaking a window takes precious time during a crisis. It also can cause significant cost to repair damage that occurs during the situation. 

Anderson Township Fire and Rescue is helping to remove some of these barriers to a quick response by employing the KnoxBox emergency access system. 

The secure boxes are mounted outside the home and are designed to hold one key to the house. These boxes are available to those with a temporary special need or a short-term physical disability that would prevent them from getting to the door. The new program provides a limited number of KnoxBoxes for Anderson and Newtown residents to use for up to 90 days. 

Anderson Township currently uses the KnoxBox program for commercial properties in fire alarm situations where no one is present.


For more information, contact Assistant Chief Bob Herrlinger at 513.688.8400 ext. 1470 or