Work Begins on Overhaul to Eight Mile-S.R. 32 Intersection

Preliminary work is underway on a project that will reduce congestion and improve safety at the Eight Mile Road intersection with S.R. 32. 

The Ohio Department of Transportation (ODOT) announced lane restrictions are being introduced for a project involving a three-way intersection, a new center turn lane and a new traffic signal. While initial work has begun, the project will not be complete until 2024.

The first stage of preparation involves the placement of portable concrete barrier walls along the shoulder and right-turn lane of westbound S.R. 32, between the right turn taper of Eight Mile Road and the drive to Makers Church, east of Hickory Creek Drive. Although the right lane of S.R. 32 will be closed, motorists may turn right into the driveway entrance from the existing straight or thru lane.

Along with this, the left lane of S.R. 32 west will be closed between Beechwood and Eight Mile roads. It will be open near the approach to the Eight Mile Road intersection for left-turn movements to Eight Mile south.

This unusual intersection often is the site of slowdowns and near accidents, resulting in indecision or confusion for drivers turning from or onto Eight Mile Road. A number of crashes have also been logged at the site in the last decade.

The installation of a what planners call a ‘Green T” intersection will allow westbound S.R. 32 traffic (coming down the hill) to flow continuously. It will bypass a new traffic signal when traveling straight. All other traffic movements will be maintained by the new signal. A center turn lane also will be installed.

ODOT is funding the project of $4.6 million through their safety grant program. Information from ODOT notes that in addition to improving safety, delays at the intersection could be significantly with project improvements.

Please note, Eight Mile Road is scheduled to be closed at S.R. 32 for approximately four to six months in the summer-fall of 2023. Additional updates on this schedule will be shared via Anderson Township’s Facebook page and also in Anderson Insights.

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