Storm Drains Not Made for Leaves

You may have a ton of leaves to deal with this season. But if you have been blowing your leaves into the street and down the storm drain, you’ve blown it!

Leaves should not be raked or blown into storm drains. Storm drains connect runoff water to natural waterways and are harmed by leaves and debris that flow into the sewer system. 

Leaves can clog the pipes and cause street flooding, as well as decay and send nutrients into the waterways that can be harmful for fish and other species. Unlike the drains in your home, the water that runs off into the storm drains does not receive treatment. That means pollutants or contaminants enter directly into the natural streams, rivers and lakes around you. 

Public Works Director Eric Luginbuhl asks residents to monitor their storm drains and keep them from clogging. “Stormwater drains are not a trash can for your leaves or yard debris,” he said. “A clogged drain on your street could result in flooding to your or your neighbor's property."