Voters See Gas Aggregation Issue on November Ballot

Is buying natural gas cooperatively a good idea for Anderson Township residents? That’s the question voters will decide on November 8 when they vote to either approve or disapprove moving forward on a gas aggregation program.

Like the electricity aggregation program operating in Anderson since 2017, the program could in theory provide more stable prices and savings over time through a locked-in price. Voters approved the electricity aggregation program in 2016 and have enjoyed savings since the program began.

To offer the gas aggregation program, a majority of voters must approve the measure. More than 13,000 township residences would be involved in the program, if the measure passes and trustees move forward.

A “yes” vote on the measure does not mean the township will definitely undertake a gas aggregation program. It means that the framework is in place should the township determine rates are favorable for residents. A “no” vote means the door is closed and the township cannot consider offering the program.

If passed and approved, residents can opt-out without a fee by simply by calling Energy Alliances weekdays at 513. 794.5555 or 800.735.0359. To learn more, visit page go to out page 4 on the August Anderson Insights at or